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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CANADA "Rory and Jason"

We were very happy to receive to two new friends from Canada, they got late the arrive, but we waited for them. They are Reuben´s friends. Reuben is a member of my club "Couchsurfing". He recomended to them to come to Peru and hosting my house. Before them leave from Canada I talked with Rory to bring a Flag of his country. And they arrived with their Flag from Canada, for my collection in my house. For my "Hostel Peru Backpackers". Really it was amazing to see when they got out of the airport. I saw first to Rory, and then Jason, they are old friends. We met with them and with my brother Calin. He was with me, to receive them.

We took a lot of picture in the airport. They walways had their flag. To received a flag from Canada by them had been a experience very amazing. In special because it was the first Flag of another country in my house. After we went to my house, they look all by the window of the taxi, so Lima was a new place for them. We arrive to my house, they met with my parents Irma and Antonio. We took breakfast, they ate everything.
When they finished their breakfast, they got up roof of my house. We started to talk about all the places of Peru they would visit. Well here, started a new adventure for us at home. Most of the people that arrive to my house, are very nice and amazing, but they are very special, because, they like to participate in all. Dont get afraid anything. They like to learn new things. Really, thanks buddies...